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Vehicle customs clearing


Conversation where we would understand your needs for cars customs clearing and ways that we could reach towards you will break the ice of getting know each other. The first step for our cooperation could be the example of estimation for customs clearing cost of vehicles. That will show you criteria we use for our estimation

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Second hand vehicles importation

Traffic law in countries of Europe with exemption of Italy propose that the car buyer who wants to export vehicle (Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, etc) can apply for COLL registration plates (temporary registration up to border crossing) which gives time limit by the choice of exporter (15-30 days) to exit the country.

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Customs procedure

When you attach following documents which are needed for process of clearing we will help you to complete and fill in all needed statements, authorizations and applications.

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Dokumenta potrebna za registraciju posle carinjenja

1. C4 obrazac (izradjuje špediter u procesu carinjenja)

2. Carinski račun (obračun carinskog duga). Izdaje Carina

3. Uverenje o ispitivanju vozila, izdaje Agencija za bezbednost saobracaja (ovo uverenje mozete dobiti preko nase spedicije na nasem ispitnom mestu, odobrenom od agencije za bezbednost saobracaja).

4.Uplatnice za registraciju

5. Tehnicki pregled

6. Osiguranje


Agencija za Bezbednost Saobraćaja

Agencija za Bezbednost SaobraćajaHomologacija ili EUR 3 potrebno za sva vozila koja se uvoze iz Hrvatske i Crne Gore. Vozila iz Slovenije do 1.5.2004. Vozila iz EU 2000 i 2001. Vreme potrebno za izdavanje od 10-30 dana. Taksa zavoda 3150,00din za fizičko lice i 12220,00din za pravno lice.
Možete sami podneti zahtev sa priloženim uputstvom od strane agencije.

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Catalogues for customs clearing


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Respected clients and friends,

Our office space located at Žorža Klemensoa 19, (ex Francuska ulica), will be changed from today 24.07.2015. We are moving to our logistic base Beogradska 9, in Dobanovci.

Phone numbers and mail accounts will remain the same. Please have a look at the location map for our new destination


Vehicle storage

Skladištenje automobila i robe

TD Marvel is owner of public customs warehouse at Dobanovci. Warehouse is located approximately 2000m from customs clearing department „CI Skladista“. Current capacity is 16000m2 of open space. Fenced area, secured with video surveillance system and security personnel 24 hours. Working hours 0-24h. All criteria for fire regulations is satisfied. Motor vehicles and special vehicles are placed by time priorities for efficient in-out operations. Loading and unloading of vehicles is available.

Vehicle manipulation

We do understand that it is hard to plan the voyage route from abroad considering administration and long ques on border crossing, so unloading of cars loaded truck admission is possible in any time at our warehouse in Dobanovci. Our admission services rely towards help during the car unloading, car condition inspection, choice of storage place and administration admission. The truck driver is authorized by the importer to take the cars off and on the truck. Sometime vehicles can not start. We are using the booster to help, so process would be easier. When booster would not help, we give a push. Car keys are kept at our gatekeepers lodge up to conclusion of customs clearing process. Vehicles could be realised when amount from bill of customs is paid and copy of C4(Customs manifesto) is shown.

JCS Dobanovci

Skladištenje automobila na otvorenom 16000m2 Capacity

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Tehnički pregled

U pripremi od prvog decembra 2014 tehnički pregled za sva putnička i teretna vozila (automobili, kombi, kamioni, autobusi, prikolice i polu prikolice…)

All in one price

- Motor and chassis numbers reading
- Vehicle Storage
- Vehicle admission 24 hours
- Cost estimation
- Consulting for minimal expenses

Road and Weather

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